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In every prison, On every yard.

Families United to End Life Without the Possibility of Parole ~ FUEL Inside chapters

were formed to create ongoing communication between folk inside and the movement to end LWOP in the communities. At one point, we had over 36 men and women signed up to work directly with us, but over time and Covid, communication broke down.

Its main purpose is to give you and LWOP’s on your yard accurate information regarding Bills, activities within the movement and information regarding FUEL’s particular role within the movement to END LWOP. In turn, we will share your ideas, proposals, writings and stories within our communities.

FUEL inside also serves to recruit other LWOPs, so that folk in all the prisons are up to date with what’s going on and have the knowledge of a movement which is bigger than any one individual.  Just as we will share information with you, we will share your ideas with FUEL, the Drop LWOP coalition and FUEL reps on other yards, in other prisons.


The main purpose for a representative is to share info with other men and women serving LWOP.

So, where possible, when information is shared with a FUEL rep, that rep is asked to make copies or post information in your facility and wherever possible at any given time. We will ensure that emails are sent to our FUEL reps soon after Bills are introduced along with all information which will affect people serving LWOP.

FUEL inside does not have to be an ILTAG, but can be. FUEL Lancaster operates an informal group with five core members. We invite FUEL representatives to structure their FUEL inside chapter, in accordance with local opportunities, and the person's personal vision. As an Inside Organizer, you will be placed on our email list to receive more immediate notification of what’s going on and what’s needed from you and your loved ones. FUEL gratefully receives any donations you are able to afford. In addition, when the call goes out, we will also gratefully receive your handicraft items which can be sold at meetings, while tabling, and online. As restrictions are lifted, opportunities will increase.

We also encourage folks to have their families get involved with FUEL

If you are interested, please contact Geri Silva (424.744.1156) or

and, above all, ask your loved one to contact me.

Working together, exchanging ideas with FUEL in the communities and

FUEL inside institutions will strengthen all of our efforts.

Dortell Williams from FUEL Inside at Lancaster Prison

Geri Silva from the FUEL Organization

"When you do nothing you feel overwhelmed and powerless. But when you get involved you feel the sense of hope and accomplishment that comes from knowing you are working to make things better."

- Maya Angelou


FUEL Application

Families United to End LWOP "Inside" Membership Application

Are you serving an LWOP sentence and would like to join the struggle to end LWOP? If so, we invite you to become an "Inside" Member of FUEL by filling out and returning this application.

"Prison is a second-by-second assault on the soul, a day-to-day degradation of the self, an oppressive steel and brick umbrella that transforms seconds into hours and hours into days."

Mumia Abu-Jamal

FUEL Brochure
use this brochure within your community inside
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